Liposuction with Vaser Lipo-Selection reduce abdomen, reduce thighs, reduce upper arms safely. 

Vaser Lipo Selection at SLC Surgery Hospital is different than Classic Liposuction, Vaser Liposelection is one of the most gentle and safe removal of excess fat in specific areas. It is suitable for those who want to reduce the size of specific parts such as the thighs, upper arms, belly fat or fat in different areas of the body that cannot be eliminated by other methods. Liposuction is a method to quickly dissolve fat from the body in a safe way, with a quick recovery, and makes you achieve a beautiful figure. After liposuction with vaser lipo selection at SLC Surgery Hospital, you will have more confidence, because the patient will have beautiful proportions that fit the body and enjoy dressing up without the extra fat. Confirmed by real customers’ voices through Reality Live and liposuction reviews from many celebrities. 

liposuction with Vaser Lipo Selection , less blood loss but a lot of fat loss!!” 

Vaser Lipo Selection Liposuction fat removal remove an excess body fat

Vaser Lipo Selection  

Traditional liposuction – Manual Liposuction (Classic Liposuction)

  1. Ultrasound waves break down fats into liquid. 
  2. Destroys only fat cells, but does not interfere with surrounding tissues 
  3. Little bleeding, small wound, 0.5 cm 
  4. Burns more fat than all other types of liposuction 
  5. Dissolves fat cells permanently, quickly, softly 
  6. Firmer and smoother skin 
  7. Get rid of cellulites effectively 
  8. Quick body recovery 
  9. Very safe with minimal side effects 
  1. Uses the hand to push the fat to break up. 
  2. Surrounding tissues are traumatized and damaged 
  3. High blood loss volume 
  4. Gets less fat out but takes longer time to perform 
  5. There is a chance of wrinkled skin after the procedure 
  6. More bruising and takes a long time to recover 

Vaser Lipo Selection Dissolves fat on the spot

  • Ultrasound waves break down fat lumps into liquid fat. 
  • Fat cells are gently sucked out with a small suction nozzle without damaging nearby tissues. 
  • The skin will gradually shrink and become firmer and smoother. 


Reduce excess fat with “Vaser Lipo Selection” 

Liposuction with (Vaser Lipo Selection) at SLC Hospital uses the principle of ultrasound energy, where sound waves will react with fat cells, making the fat that is dense in the skin layer to decompose into liquid and it will dissolve smoothly without disturbing the surrounding tissues and nerves. It has less swelling and bruising and can also tighten the skin at the same time. After liposuction with Vaser Lipo Selection, the body will recover faster, the skin at the liposuction area can be tightened, restored and becomes very smooth quickly. 


Liposuction with Vaser Lipo Selection is softer and more precise than traditional liposuction: 


  • Ultrasound technology 
  • Small wound 0.5 cm. 
  • Less pain, less blood loss, less swelling and bruising 
  • Helps the skin to be smoother than normal liposuction 
  • The amount of liposuction is more than all other types of liposuction. 

“Smooth firm skin, beautiful proportions gives you a better personality” 


Results obtained from Vaser Lipo Selection liposuction 

  • Reshape the irreparable excess fat with exercise and diet. Makes the proportion smaller, get rid of the unwanted excess in one go. I saw the results the first time I did it. 
  • Beautiful figure which is naturally balanced. 
  • Help reduce health problems that may be caused by excess fat accumulation. 


Areas where liposuction can be performed: 

  1. Face area
  • upper cheek 
  • lower cheek 
  • under chin   


  1. Front body
  • Front of the armpit 
  • under the armpit 
  • upper arm 
  • upper abdomen 
  • lower abdomen 
  • waist 
  • hips 
  • Pubic area 
  • upper front thigh 
  • lower front thigh 
  • upper outer thigh 
  • lower outer thigh 
  • upper thigh 
  • lower thigh 
  • Side outer thigh 
  • Inside of the knee 


  1. Back body
  • behind the armpit 
  • Love handles 
  • Back of the waist 
  • Buttocks Curve (Diamond Technique) 
  • under the buttocks 
  • upper back thigh 
  • lower back thigh 
  • calf 


VDO showing the work of Vaser Lipo Selection  


Length of time for liposuction 

Liposuction takes 1-3 hours depending on the size and area of the liposuction. 

Taking out stitches : 7-14 days  

Recovery : Take a break for 2-3 days and live your normal life. 

Swelling: Swelling will subside in 3-7 days. 

Follow-up: 7-14 days and 1 month. 



Liposuction, instant beautiful figure for the first time ” 

4 points to check the warning signs that you should do liposuction 

  • You can’t wear the same size clothes. 
  • You try to exercise and your figure is not reduced. 
  • Sitting and feeling uncomfortable, bloated belly, and you feel that your legs are rubbing against each other when you walk. 
  • Every time you take a selfie, your double chin is visible. 
  • The proportions are not balanced. 


Who should reduce excess fats with Vaser Lipo Selection? 

  • People with fat accumulation in specific parts. 
  • People who have exercised or on a diet in every way but the proportion has not decreased, such as the thighs, abdomen, arms, waist, and back wings.  
  • People who have accumulated fat around the hips and ankles; and want to reduce fat and be slim in specific areas quickly, in a safe way. 
  • People who have problems with metabolic processes. 
  • People with a BMI more than 30. 


Vaser Lipo Selection eliminates fat instantly. The fat doesn’t come back. 


Reduce excess fat with a special Vaser Lipo Selection in Thailand. 

  • Dissolve fat permanently and get more volume out than any other types of liposuction. 
  • Gentle liposuction without damaging the surrounding tissues. gentle on skin and it is  accurate and safe and Certified by the Food and Drug Administration from the United States and Thailand (USFDA, ThaiFDA). 
  • See results quickly and clearly. Reduce the problem of hollow skin which may cause wrinkles because the collagen tissue that supports the skin is not destroyed. 
  • The wound is very small, 0.5 cm and is hidden in a hard-to-see spot. 
  • Liposuction by highly experienced surgeons who are specialized not only to remove excess fats but to design the shape to fit the individual’s body for more confidence. 
  • The body recovers quickly and you can return to daily life within 1 day. 
  • Can be done almost anywhere in the body, even small areas such as calves, knees and face. 



“Design each area for the most beautiful proportions.” 


  • Liposuction by a surgeon specializing in liposuction and has expertise in physiology. 
  • Anti-thromboembolic machine in anesthesia case. 
  • Trusted by SLC customers and recognized among foreign customers for weight loss and body contouring for a long time. 
  • The result is worth it with vaser liposuction Thailand price. 


“Tighten the skin, make it smoother and tighter at each area, enhancing its beauty by getting rid of excess fat” 


Instantly tighten your skin with J Plasma. 

Combining the unique properties of helium plasma (Plasma) with radio frequency energy (RF: Radio Frequency) will cause fat cells to break down into liquid and therefore the doctor will be able to suck fat out softly, reducing tissue trauma and also there will be less damage to the surrounding cells. Plasma energy (Plasma) will generate heat energy up to 85 degrees Celsius, causing the skin to tighten and shrink. Tissues will come together immediately after liposuction. This also helps to reduce the formation of cavities under the skin and to stimulate the production of collagen, making the skin after liposuction to be tightened, smoother, and not have wrinkles. 



Advantages of doing J Plasma together with liposuction 

  • Reduce the absorption of blood after liposuction. 
  • Reduce bruising, reduce inflammation of the wound after liposuction. 
  • Helps the body recover faster. 
  • Skin tightens faster and there is no need to repeat the procedure. 
  • You can see the results from the first time you do it. 
  • Stimulates collagen production and helps the skin to be firmer and more flexible. 

After lifting with J Plasma, the skin will immediately shrink by 10-30% and the results will be more noticeable after 3-6 months.  


Review of liposuction with J Plasma 


Liposuction review Six Pack 


Liposuction review Sexy Line 


Preparation before losing excess fat 

  1. Physical examination before liposuction surgery. 
  1. Avoid all kinds of vitamins and dietary supplements and blood thinning drugs at least 4 weeks before surgery. 
  1. Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol 4 weeks before the surgery. 
  1. In the case of using regular diet pill, you should inform the surgeon during the consultation before surgery. It is best to stop the drug for at least 4 weeks. 
  1. If general anesthesia is to be given, you should abstain from water or food 8 hours before the surgery, and SLC Hospital may give antibiotics 1-2 days before the surgery date. 
  1.  On the day of surgery, you should arrive at the hospital 2 hours in advance. 
  1. Get ready to be addicted and be happy with the results! Don’t get too excited! You should be aware that after surgery there is a chance of bruising. You should also be aware that it takes time for the change to occur so you need to familiarize yourself with your new body. 
  1. Liposuction should be avoided during menstruation and a few days after menstruation. (which affects hormone levels in the body and therefore during that time, our bodies will swell and are at an increased risk of bleeding.) 



Preparation for surgery 

  1. On the day of surgery, you should wear loose, comfortable clothing that is not too tight. Pants should be comfortable, and not very form fitting.  
  1. Bring a friend along and valuables should be kept at home if not necessary and definitely no valuables to be worn on the day of the surgery. 
  1. It is not recommended to drive by yourself on the day of surgery because after the surgery, you will be not be able to concentrate on driving, causing accidents. It is recommended to use public transportation as the best option. 


Vaser Lipo Selection surgery aims to remove excess fat in specific areas of the body that you cannot get rid of by other means. Before undergoing liposuction, the patient needs to be aware of the various things that must be prepared, including how to take care of yourself and symptoms that may occur after liposuction. Patients must prepare and take care of themselves for the best results after liposuction. Follow the instructions below. 



After care for Vaser Lipo Selection 

Drink plenty of fluids for the first 6 hours after liposuction to replace the water in the body that may be lost from liposuction. 

  1. Wear slimming clothing for 1 month. During the first 3 days, wear it 24 hours a day, then reduce it to 12 hours a day, either during the day or at night. (should not be worn 24 hours a day) 
  1. After liposuction, you should rest with little movement of the body to prevent blood clots and to help drain waste that remains in the body. 
  1. Avoid eating salty or high-sodium foods to prevent edema. 
  1. Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking for at least 2-4 weeks or until the wound heals. 
  1. Refrain from vigorous physical activities to prevent open wounds. Refrain from hard work or strenuous exercise that causes concussion in the liposuction area for at least 2-4 weeks. After that, you should exercise to help strengthen the skin and muscles in the area where the liposuction is done to make the shape more compact and slim. 
  1. Keep the wound dry and clean. There should not be any blood stains on the wound. If there are blood stains on the wound area, you can use a cotton ball moistened with saline to gently wipe the wound area. 
  1. Take anti-inflammatory and anti-edema medications as prescribed by your doctor. If there is pain, pain medication can be taken. 


Recommendations during the first 1-3 days after losing excess fat 

The first day after going home, the doctor will tighten the shape in the area where the fat was removed by using a bandage. The next day, the bandage can be removed and the wound is cleaned with saline solution, and the bandage is replaced with a new bandage or the patient can change to wear a support set, also known as a Compression Garment 24 hours a day during the first 2-4 weeks after the procedure. (recommended to tighten continuously for 2-3 months) 

  1. After the first day of liposuction, refrain from showering. You can take a shower as usual the next day after the surgery by using a waterproof plaster to cover the surgical wound to prevent the wound from being exposed to water.  
  1. Wear slimming clothing 24 hours a day for the first 3 days, 24 hours a day for the next 3 days after and then reduce to 12 hours a day for 1 month. Do this on the bed in a sitting position, slowly removing the garment. 


Possible side effects 

During the first 1-3 days, the surgical wound will have saline mixed with blood seeping out post-surgery. The gauze dressing should be changed at least once a day to keep the surgical wound clean and prevent infection. 

  1. In some cases, there may be dizziness after liposuction because the body loses water quickly from liposuction, so you need to drink a lot of water to replace it. In some cases, dizziness may occur after wearing a compression garment because wearing a slimming suit will cause a lot of blood to be sent to nourish the brain. After removing the garment, a rapid vasoconstriction occurs causing the blood to be drawn back to nourish other parts quickly resulting in a temporary ischemic attack on the brain therefore causing dizziness. Sit on the bed and gently take off your garment then stop and wait for symptoms. If there are no symptoms, you can remove the whole bodysuit, but still sit and wait 5 minutes before getting up. But if you start to feel dizzy, stand up again. Then sit and rest or lie down for a while. 
  1. The first stage of scars will become evident in the first few months, and the scar will become darker and thicker. Eventually the scar will gradually fade and become softer to normal in 1 year. In the first phase after liposuction sunbathing should be avoided and apply sunscreen on the wound with an SPF of 15 or higher. 
  1. After cutting the stitches, the wound will begin to settle and dry completely within 1-2 weeks. It can be massaged by gently rubbing the wound area with a finger to reduce the pulling of the wound. In the event that the wound has dark spots, scar removal cream can be applied or a laser can be used to remove the scar. 
  1. Swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, or burning sensation may occur. But this is only temporary in the first period after surgery after 1-6 months all swelling, greenish bruising will disappear. This depends on the individual’s physical condition and depends on the amount of fat, including the liposuction area. 
  1. The sensory feelings may be affected by the sensory nerve. After the surgery, there may be a sharp pain in some areas. These symptoms will gradually improve. However, if there is severe pain and swelling, redness or any green discharge, you should return to the surgeon for examination immediately. 


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Meet The Doctor: Know everything before liposuction Vaser Lipo Selection  


Frequently asked questions about liposuction. 

Things to know before deciding on liposuction 


Q: Why is it that after liposuction the weight doesn’t go down? 

A: Because liposuction is not weight loss but it is the suction of excess fat that is present in some parts of the body to reduce the proportion of the body, even the weight has not changed much from the original. 


Q: Why do you need to wear a shapewear after liposuction? Can I not wear it? 

A: It is important to wear a shapewear after liposuction according to the surgeon’s advice. Because wearing a slimming garment helps to prevent the skin from sagging and helps tighten the skin quickly, 


Q: I had a lot of liposuction but why does the proportions seem to not decrease at all? 

A: After liposuction, the body will still have swelling from salt water and blood that remains in the liposuction area. As time goes by, the body will gradually drain the blood, saline and waste products through the liposuction wound area. After that, the body will slowly restore and the skin will gradually tighten accordingly. 


Q: How long does it take after liposuction to become normal? 

A: You will begin to see changes after 1 month and see results clearly after 3-6 months or more depending on the physical condition of each person. 


Q: After liposuction, is it possible that fat will come back? 

A: Liposuction is the removal of the fat in that area, so the fat that has been sucked out will never come back. In addition the remaining parts where the fat has been removed are enlarged, and therefore, after liposuction you need to change your eating habits to focus on healthy food and focus more attention on exercise and weight control in order to maintain the shape and prevent the expansion of fat cells. 


Q: Are the scars large after liposuction? Where are the scars and are they clearly visible? 

A: During liposuction the surgeon will open a small incision 0.4-0.5 cm in size, which is very small. The location of the surgeon’s incision is hidden in an area that is hard to see. Also, the scars will gradually fade over time, so you don’t need to worry about the scars. 


The size of the scar after 12 days of liposuction. 



Q :After liposuction can I use the fat to fill in another part? 

A : Actually, the body fat can be safely used to fill other parts of the body by taking fat cells to separate good fat cells and then use them to fill in other points. But liposuction with Vaser Lipo Selection uses ultrasound energy to break down fat causing the cells to die so it is not suitable for filling in other parts. 


Q: After liposuction, is it necessary to do laser skin tightening? 

A: Skin tightening laser treatment is like buying additional options. Laser tightening contributes to skin tightening and recovery faster than usual but it depends on your own perspective if you want to do more lasers for skin tightening or you want the skin to be more natural. 


Q: I have a problem with my stomach. Should I have abdominoplasty or liposuction? 

A: For people whose muscles are still tight, but there is a problem with excess fat, they can use the method of liposuction instead of abdominoplasty. In some cases, it may be done together depending on the surgeon’s assessment.