Rooms and Facilities

SLC Hospital is happy to serve you and pay attention to meet the needs of everyone who has come to receive services. We have opened SLC Private VIP Room which is fully equipped with facilities, speed of service to service visitor without having to queue

For VIP Service, we are happy to serve you from Travel services There is a shuttle – send for those who come to receive the service to travel comfortably. There is a personal secretary to give advice throughout the service. Care is taken throughout the VIP service. In the SLC Private VIP Room, a VIP Lounge area has been created, along with food and beverage preparation, for everyone to relax. Sit at your leisure The bathroom has a Jacuzzi for you to relax. Meticulous care from a team of medical professionals as well as providing modern medical equipment Everyone who receives the service will receive privacy, safety and convenience. as if at your own home

We also have VIP Deluxe rooms available. For guests who need accommodation close to the clinic For the closeness of the best care from the team of doctors and nurses from SLC Hospital

For Platinum Card holders with a payment of 1,000,000 baht or more and Gold Card holders with a payment of 500,000 baht or more who want to receive superior personal service