Micro Fat Transfer Stemcell Facial Fat Injection

Ending the problem, fading face, shabby face, Stem cell fat grafting surgery or Micro Fat Transfer is a 3-layer, 3-molecular stem cell fat grafting technique. to fill the skin in different spots Combining the technique of fat injection in the face in the right amount. to reduce swelling This allows the blood to thoroughly nourish the fat stem cells. For the efficiency of fat injections that are better than traditional facial fat injections suitable for those who want Fill in the problem areas on the face. who has a dull face including those who want forehead injections instead of silicone forehead augmentation People who want to adjust the face proportions with the method Fat injection for face contouring

Move that point, fill this point, perfect face with your own fat.


Micro Fat Transfer is a stem cell fat graft. With 3 layers of stem cells, 3 molecules of fat, a new technique for surgeons at SLC Surgery Hospital by moving excess fat from one point to another. to be transplanted into a suitable area Through the method of absorbing excess fat accumulated at various points in the body, through the process of obtaining pure fat stem cells. and enters the fat filtration process to obtain 3 molecules of stem cell fat, combining 3-layer facial fat injection techniques Distribute stem cell fat to cover various points- on the face in the right amount so that the blood can enter the fat cells thoroughly and reduce swelling The Micro Fat Trandfer facial fat injection will not inject a large amount of condensed fat. until the skin is convex and swollen It’s like an old-fashioned facial fat grafting. The injection of fat is packed so much that the blood is unable to nourish the fat stem cells effectively. causing fat stem cells to atrophy and die It is the cause of uneven skin tone. Grumpy after fat grafting

Facial fat injections meet the needs of modern women

Facial fat injection surgery popular surgery that most women choose to do as the top – to increase the youthfulness of the face and solve problems on the face at many points, such as an older face, a shabby face, a wrinkled face, a replying cheek, a sunken temple, a flat forehead, a clear cheek groove, a deep under-eye problem Including used for adjusting the shape of the face to have a beautiful proportion look more balanced Because facial fat grafting is a convenient and safe surgery. No foreign substances or synthetic substances enter the body. take less recovery time and gives natural results Results can be maintained longer than face reshaping with other fillers. In addition, facial fat grafting also has a by-product of a firmer shape in the liposuction area. to be transplanted

ฉีดหน้าผาก ด้วยไขมันตัวเอง
Stem cell fat grafting Adjust the proportions of the face for a beautiful figure.

Highlights of fat grafting for face contouring

  • Using pure fat from your own body, the body does not resist or cause allergic reactions.
  • No foreign matter, no residue
  • Results last a long time. Stem cell fat transplants last a lifetime. Depending on the care and physical condition of each individual
  • Correct the problem of face shape, answering face, answering temples, answering cheeks, deep under eyes, cheek grooves, flat forehead, helping to adjust the face shape to have beautiful proportions and give natural looking results.

The benefits of facial fat grafting

  • Face shape is proportional, balanced, looks dimensional, helps to add volume to the skin.
  • The face looks bright, the skin looks radiant and soft.
  • The shape of the body that liposuction looks firmer
  • The face looks sweet and gentle, looks naturally youthful.

Who is suitable for facial fat grafting?

  1. Suitable for those who have a problem with a face that responds to a skinny cheek, often making the face look shabby.
  2. Those who want to adjust the facial structure to look smooth People who have a square face structure, high cheekbones, but do not want orthopedic surgery. Including those who do not want to undergo silicone surgery, can inject the forehead with stem cell fat. Provides natural and long-lasting results
  3. For those who do not want to inject fillers or other fillers for fear of having an allergic reaction Fat grafting is the best answer for you.
  4. People who want to improve facial skin health Fat injections can rejuvenate the skin that has deteriorated.

Facial fat grafting at SLC Hospital, which is more special than other places.

Selected only pure fat stem cells

Stem cell fat separator technology Separates fat, stem cells, blood and lymph. to obtain pure and viable fat stem cells Suitable for implants on the face

Micro Fat Transfer, injecting 3 layers of fat on the face, 3 molecules

Grease filtering techniques to get fat stem cells in different molecules For injecting different spots on the face

  1. Macro-Fat is a macromolecular fat. It is often used for injections on the body such as hips, legs, or areas that require hundreds of cc of fat. per injection
  2. Micro-Fat churns fat into smaller molecules. make injection easier More finely, and the survival rate of fat is higher as well. Can be injected in all parts of the face except the very thin skin.
  3. Nano Fat is the smallest and most detailed fat molecule. Used to fill in the skin layer, the dermis layer (dermis layer) with a Derma Pen device or a nano needle to adjust the skin condition better, help treat melasma, freckles, acne holes, heal scars to fade. Adjust the skin color to be even, look bright and clear. shallow acne scars Acne scars and scars have faded. Skin looks radiant and glowing immediately after the procedure.

Specialized surgeon Specializing in facial reshaping

Stem cell fat grafting by experienced specialized surgeons face shape adjustment and ergonomics Thoroughly analyze the area to be injected and the amount of injection to suit each person’s face to achieve a natural, youthful face. doesn’t look too swollen

Maft gun fat sticks better than conventional fat injection.

Maft Gun, a device for fat injection in particular Helps improve fat grafting Replenishes fat at the cellular level Helps increase the attachment rate of fat stem cells by more than 80%, resulting in small fat molecules up to 3 molecular levels, evenly dispersed fat stem cells in the same molecular size make fat stick better Reduce the problem of fat breakdown and fat death

Facial fat injections with modern techniques Smooth, wavy-free skin

Techniques for fat grafting in the right amount so that the blood can feed the fat stem cells thoroughly Helps reduce swelling after fat injections The surgeon will distribute the fat stem cells all over the different points on the face, not injecting a large amount of compression into the skin to bulge up and swell like a surgeon. Fat injections to reshape the face. In the old days, the blood was unable to penetrate the fat cells thoroughly, causing these fat cells to die. Also known as fat atrophy, the cause of uneven skin texture after fat injection on the face.

Fat banking. Do it once. You can be beautiful 2 times.

Fat Banking, a laboratory standardized fat storage technology. Can store fat for up to 2 years. Liposuction once can be stored to fill the face 2 times.

Location of fat grafting for face contouring

  1. Forehead
  2. Temple
  3. Upper eyelid
  4. Under the eyes
  5. Chin
  6. Cheekbone
  7. Cheek groove
  8. Corner of the mouth
  9. Tears
  10. Wrinkled lips

2 benefits for a beautiful face, clear skin, reduce melasma, freckles,  dark spots, acne holes

Absorbed fat stem cells In addition to injections to fill the face to look juicy and young, we also have a technique called Nano Fat, a technique that makes your face clear with stem cells from the body, helping to restore damaged skin to look healthy. revealing bright and clear skin glowing skin Fuller, smoother, bouncy skin Treat melasma, freckles, acne holes, rough skin, dull skin, dark spots, acne scars, smooth skin. skin tone looks consistent scars look faded New technique from SLC Surgery Hospital uses nano-scale small molecule fat stem cells to treat skin problems

Facial fat grafting procedure

  1. An anesthetic is injected to the area where the fat will be removed. Specialists consider areas with the best quality fat of the body, such as the abdomen, outer legs, buttocks, knees, etc., depending on the individual.
  2. The surgeon opens a small incision no more than 0.5 cm in order to use a medical device to insert the fat out.
  3. Bring the fat that has been through the separation process to get the best fat cells.
  4. Bring the fat cells that have been injected to fill the fat layer in the area that the patient wants to fix in the right amount in order to transplant fat cells for maximum survival. The technique of fat grafting at SLC Hospital is a 3-molecular fat grafting technique, Macro, Micro and Nano, which can be filled in every spot on the face.
  5. The remaining stem cell fat is stored in a fat storage cabinet at -70 degrees under lab standards.

Preparation before facial fat grafting

  1. Report a history of drug allergy Medicines and dietary supplements including congenital disease and the history of surgery to the doctor and bring regular oral medications to the doctor for evaluation.
  2. Do not take blood clot-dissolving drugs (Aspirin, Ibuprofen), vitamin A, E, C, herbs, ginseng, ginkgo leaf, fish oil 2 weeks before the service.
  3. Refrain from smoking and alcoholic beverages. At least 2 weeks before surgery to reduce the risk of infection and a longer period of swelling.
  4. Do not starve But should not eat too full.
  5. Refrain from surgery during cold, cough, fever or illness.
  6. Should take a shower Clean the body thoroughly before the surgery.
  7. Should not use any cosmetics – in the face area difficult to wipe off before surgery to reduce the risk of infection.
  8. Be prepared to wear loose-fitting clothing that is easy to put on and take off.
  9. Before the surgery should be comfortable. Because fat injection to fill the face is not as scary as you think.

After care, fat grafting for face contouring

  • For the first 24 hours, refrain from massage, apply cream, lotion.
  • For the first 48-72 hours, apply a cold compress with a gel compress to reduce swelling.
  • Sleep with your head elevated for the first 3 days to reduce swelling.
  • You should rest for at least 8 hours.
  • Avoid spicy foods, hot foods, pickles, hard foods that are difficult to digest.
  • Refrain from alcohol, refrain from smoking, reduce the risk of infection and swelling that last longer than usual.
  • Take your medication at the time your doctor prescribes.
  • Come to cut the silk according to the doctor’s appointment.
  • If symptoms are abnormal or very red, come back to see a doctor.

Frequently asked questions about Stem cell fat grafting

Q : Facial fat filling Can you stay for a long time?

Answer : When fat cells are transplanted with perfect cell survival. This fat filler can stay under the skin all the time. Depends on taking care of yourself and the area you do. But if the weight is lost rapidly or has congenital disease It may affect the fat cells that are atrophy.

Q : Why not inject too much fat? at once?

Answer : Because of the fat injection itself. It is like moving living cells from one place to another. Therefore, the process requires the survival of healthy fat cells as much as possible. The right amount of fat grafting but spread widely This will allow the blood to enter the fat cells completely. Greatly reduce the death rate of fat cells.

But if injecting a large amount of fat into the skin and make the skin firm and lifted up within that time This will result in the face looking very swollen after the procedure. It also causes the death of fat cells because the blood cannot enter the cells thoroughly.

Q : What part of the body fat is injected into the face?

Answer: Best quality fat. is fat in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, hips because this is hot Stem cells from fat will die). will be centrifuged to extract the stem cells for use and then injected into the face

Q : Exercise, lose weight, will the fat injected on the face disappear?

Answer: Some fat on the face will be lost depending on the weight. If the weight is stable, facial fat will last as long as possible.

Q : Can other people’s fat be injected?

Answer: Take someone else’s stem cell fat. Can’t inject it into my own face Our body has antibodies (Anti-Body) to fight foreign substances from outside entering the body.

Q: Does the injection on the face hurt?

Answer: It’s definitely a tolerable pain. But there is an anesthetic. or anesthetic to help make the pain less

Q : How many days after injection will the face be swollen? How should I take care of myself?

Answer: Able to lead a normal life. After 7-14 days, remove the silk that has been removed by liposuction. liposuction area A kidney stone may form. Or bruised as spots – green – which will gradually fade away within 1-2 months. During the first 1 month of new injections, do not use sauna, massage, use heat on your face first. Because the heat will cause the fat on the face to disappear.

Q : Forehead injection, is it dangerous and what are the side effects?

Answer: Injections are considered the safest surgical technique. Because there are no foreign or synthetic things in the body at all. It is the transfer of good quality fat from other parts to our face only.

Q: Why are you injecting new ones? And then look swollen?

Answer: Don’t worry about the swollen part. Because the injected stem cell fat will be dissolved by itself, about 30-40% means that the first injection The doctor will have to inject the excess. In case of disintegration, the first part will be a little swollen. But soon it will gradually – collapse and be beautiful.

Q : How long do you spend in the operating room?

Answer: Approximately 30–45 minutes depending on the treatment area.

Review of Facial Fat Injection Micro Fat Transfer

Stem cell fat grafting Adjust the proportions of the face for a beautiful figure.
Fat injection to adjust the face shape. Forehead injection. Solve the problem of answering face, answering cheeks to make it look full and full.
Surgery, fat grafting, face reshaping, forehead injections, solving the problem of the face and cheek to make it look fuller.
Review Fat grafting to adjust the face shape, forehead injections to solve the problem of answering face, answering cheeks to make it look fuller.
30 is still cool, turning back to look young Fat injection for face contouring
30 is still cool, turning back to look young Fat injection for face contouring
Solve the problem of the answering face, replying cheeks and reducing wrinkles by injecting fat to adjust the face shape.
Beautiful, good-looking, the way you like with fat injections to adjust the shape of the face.
Fat injection for face contouring Let’s look at the children again.

Total 3D Facelift™ program review is a program that combines Micro Fat Transfer Fat Grafting with Total Facelift Facelift.

Review: คุณขวัญภิรมย์ หลิน


Meet the Doctor

Fat injection, stem cells to adjust the face shape + nano fat stem cells to treat melasma, acne scars, dry and dull skin.

Stem cell fat injection to adjust the face shape to look younger. Correction of cheek grooves, answering face to make the face look fuller and younger

Stem cell fat injection to adjust the face shape + Nano Fat Stem Cells Helps to treat acne scars to be shallower

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