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Belly fat and big belly are probably the problems that bother many people. Having a perfect, a beautiful, and firm figure; a firm tummy, and tight muscles are what many people desire. In addition to adding charm it also boosts confidence and helps to open up new opportunities. In the present, many young men and women have turned to pay more attention to their appearance, beauty and health. They choose nutritious food and exercise and turn to the gym even more in order to get the beautiful body as expected.  However, did you know that there is a shortcut to get that abdominal muscles or 11 packs, which is another option for those who do not have time to exercise regularly? This result can be achieved by liposuction, Six Pack and Sexy Line surgery in Thailand.

Create a Six Pack and Sexy Line with Liposuction. What is it?

It is the removal of excess fat from the abdominal area and the use of the technique of liposuction in specific parts to remove the fat shape. It is also a design to create a beautiful shape so that six packs or 11 grooves, which are the abdominal muscles will be clear and look strong like people who exercise regularly. Liposuction to create a Six Pack and Sexy Line is not a method to lose weight in any way, but it is shortcut that helps with abdominal muscles. In order to obtain better results, you should exercise regularly to maintain the results.

What is a Six Pack ?

6 pack is the 6 abdominal muscles that most men already have. It depends on genetics, fat and thin appearance, eating habits and exercise of each person. Not everyone has a Six Pack because many people have problems such as excess fat that covers six packs which makes many men lack confidence.

What is Sexy Line ?

It is a woman’s abdominal muscle, which is a line of small abdominal muscles, also known as groove 11 or abdominal muscle number 11 because it is similar to the number 11. This shape is different from abdominal muscles or six pack for men.

Difference between Six Pack and Sexy Line Surgery

Usually, everyone has a Six Pack, but with the size of the muscles or a layer of fat that obscures it, the muscles cannot be clearly seen, and they must exercise to strengthen the muscles and reduce excess fat to show the clear abdominal muscles. Abdominal muscles are very popular in men and they like to exercise the abdominal muscles to obtain the results of six packs. For women, they always take care of themselves to have a muscle line that is a groove similar to the number 11 or groove 11 called the Sexy Line.

What is the difference between conventional liposuction and liposuction to create a Six Pack / Sexy Line?

Conventional liposuction surgery is used to remove excess fat as much as possible in order for a large amount of accumulated fat to be gone. On the other hand, liposuction creating a Six Pack and Sexy Line takes into account the details and is used to create a dimension of muscles and to make the shape of the muscles clear.

Who is suitable for liposuction surgery to create a Six Pack / Sexy Line?

1. People who exercise regularly and control food intake, but are unable to remove fat in certain areas.

2. Those who do not exercise regularly but do not have much fat and are healthy.

3. People who have had liposuction but are still not satisfied with their shape.

4. People with skin that is quite tight, not wrinkled.

5. There should not be any underlying disease that is dangerous for surgery.

6. People with a BMI lower than 30.

How to calculate BMI or Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMI = body weight (kg) divided by height (m) squared.

For example, the client wants to reduce thighs by liposuction. The surgeon will first assess the patient’s BMI. By calculating BMI. The steps are as follows: The patient has a body weight of 50 kilograms and a height of 165 centimeters or 1.65 meters (1.652)

Body Mass Index (BMI) = 50 / (1.65 x 1.65)
BMI = 50 / 2.72
= 22

Advantages of Liposuction Surgery to create Six Pack / Sexy Line at SLC Surgery Hospital

  • Liposuction by a surgeon specializing in liposuction and has expertise in physiology.
  • High standard surgery from the Boutique Hospital of Thailand.
  • Modern operating room technology and Clean and safe control by computer system.
  • Anesthesiologist 1:1 general anesthesia.
  • Anti-thromboembolic machine in anesthesia case.
  • Professional nurses provide 1:1 care 24 hours a day.
  • Personal Patient Advisor: Personal surgery consultant.
  • Excellent service and there is care and follow-up after surgery.
  • Trusted by SLC customers and recognized among foreign customers for weight loss and body shaping for a long time.
  • SLC Holiday Surgery for customers who come to receive the service and who want to change the atmosphere of their stay after surgery. You can choose a service package with luxury accommodation in a famous hotel in the heart of Thonglor area that has been certified through the SHA Plus + standard, clean, safe, giving you a comfortable feeling of privacy but still maintains a premium luxury with full facilities such as swimming pool, fitness center, onsen, spa, luxury restaurant, co working space, etc.

Preparation before doing

1. Physical examination before liposuction surgery to create a Six Pack / Sexy Line.

2. Avoid all kinds of vitamins, dietary supplements and blood clot-thinning drugs at least 4 weeks before surgery.

3. Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol 4 weeks before the surgery.

4. In the case of regular diet pills, you should inform the surgeon before surgery. It is best to stop the drug for at least 4 weeks.

5. If general anesthesia is used, refrain from drinking water 8 hours before the surgery, and the antibiotics obtained from SLC Hospital should be taken 1-2 days before surgery.

6. On the day of surgery, you should arrive at the hospital 2 hours in advance.

7. Get ready to be sedated, and don’t get too excited. You should be aware that after surgery there is a chance of bruising and change which takes time to get into place. It will also take you some time to get used to the new image.

8. Surgery should be avoided during and a few days after your menstruation. (which affects hormone levels in the body because during that time, our bodies will swell and are at an increased risk of bleeding.)

9. On the day of surgery, you should wear loose, comfortable clothing that is not too tight.

10. Bring a friend along and valuables should be kept at home if not necessary and not to be worn on the day of the surgery.

11. It is not recommended to drive by yourself on the day of surgery because of the concern after the surgery, it will make you unable to concentrate on driving causing accidents. It is recommended to use public transport.

The procedure for liposuction surgery to create a Six Pack / Sexy Line

1. The doctor will design the shape of the patient by determining the points around the muscle lines in which to remove fat from the body by referring to the patient’s original muscle structure, making I look more natural. Therefore, this will be even more beneficial for those who exercise regularly and to those who have some muscle structure because it will be seen even more clearly.

2. The surgery is performed with general anesthesia where the anesthesiologist will give the patient sleeping pills and supervise the patient throughout the surgery.

3. The surgeon will open a wound about 0.5 cm in a position that can hide it for aesthetic pusposes and to look more natural.

4. The surgeon uses a needle to inject a saline solution with an anesthetic and medication to stop bleeding through an open wound followed by a liposuction tube to do liposuction in the planned position and decorate to see the clarity of the muscles.

5. The surgeon will insert a small tube to drain the blood for 3 days, and will place a foam pad or cotton swab over the liposuction groove and tap it to create a permanent groove and wrap it up using a belly band to press the groove to appear clear.

6. After the procedure, the doctor will give you about 2 hours for the body to recover. If no abnormality is found, patients can return to recuperate at home.

Duration of operation

  • It takes about 1-2 hours.

After care

1. Drink plenty of fluids for the first 6 hours after the surgery to replace the water in the body that may be lost from liposuction, which creates a Six Pack and Sexy Line.

2. After the surgery, you should rest and move your body a bit to prevent blood clots and help drain waste that remains in the body.

3. Avoid eating salty or high-sodium foods to prevent edema.

4. Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking for at least 2-4–weeks or until the wound heals.

5. Refrain from vigorous physical activity to prevent open wounds. Refrain from hard work or strenuous exercise that causes impact in the area of liposuction for at least 2-4–weeks. After that, exercise should be done to help strengthen the skin and muscles in the area where the liposuction is done, making the shape more compact and slim.

6. Keep the wound dry and clean. There should not be any blood stains on the wound. If there are blood stains stuck around the wound, you can use a cotton swab moistened with saline to gently wipe – around the wound.

7. Take anti-inflammatory and anti-edema medications as prescribed by your doctor. If there is pain, pain medication can be taken.

Q&A FAQ Create Six Pack / Sexy Line

1. What kind of figure can undergo Six Pack and Sexy Line?

: Usually, the people who have the surgery with the most obvious results are those who are already in good shape but rarely have time to exercise, and want to find a shortcut to build abdominal muscles to be clearer. There is a simple calculation method from measuring the BMI value of not more than 30, which are the best candidates for the surgery because if the BMI is more than this, the Six Pack or Sexy Line is not clearly visible.

2. Is it painful to undergo liposuction surgery, creating a Six Pack and Sexy Line?

: In the surgery, anesthesia will be used by an anesthesiologist who is a specialized in anesthesia so you will not feel anything.

3. How long will it last after liposuction surgery, creating a Six Pack and Sexy Line?

: Liposuction surgery to create six packs or 11 grooves is just a shortcut method that helps to see abdominal muscles more clearly. For better results, you should exercise and eat healthy for clear and permanent results.

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