Kitten Eyes Surgery™ Korean eye surgery with open eyelid surgery

Kitten Eyes Surgery™ Eyelid Surgery or Korean Eyelid Surgery is surgery to adjust the corner of the eye to be in the proper position. balance the eyes and adjust the shape of the eyes to make them look beautiful and proportional Suitable for people with short-sightedness problems, narrow-eyed eyes, blunt-eyed tails, and those with small eyes. Those who want to increase the eye area Adjust the shape of the eyes to make the eyes look attractive and attractive. The result after surgery Open the eyelid will help the eye tail to look slender. Eyes look bigger and more open. resulting in a brighter overall face It can also adjust the shape of the eyes to look sleek. or want the eyes to look sweet and seductive according to individual needs In which the opening of the eyelid and opening of the lower tail can be done in conjunction with the opening of the eyeball or doing double eyelid surgery at the same time. It depends on the surgeon’s assessment and the needs of the client.