Hybrid breast augmentation

Hybrid breast augmentation is a combination of two techniques. By augmenting the breasts with silicone implants along with stem cell transplants from their own fat. The results will be more effective than breast augmentation with the use of conventional silicone. This technique will make the chest look beautiful and natural as possible. because the breast augmentation with only silicone May cause the shape of the chest to be blocked, hard as a lump, see the silicone edge Including the basic characteristics of the patient’s chest that contributed to the unnatural breast shape or not a water drop shape that is popular today

By hybrid breast augmentation technique, the surgeon will choose a round silicone that is smaller than normal silicone augmentation. And will fill in the missing part by using fat cells around the sternum to create a natural sloping slope. and the inner part of the chest groove Because the breast augmentation will make the shape look distant. Therefore, using the Hybrid technique can help the shape of the breasts come together. or in the case of a patient whose original baseline is a person who has very little breasts, is thin, has a pronounced bone ridge, the use of the Hybrid technique will help to cover the silicone texture, making it look natural to touch and not find the edge of the silicone breast augmentation