Put a balloon in the stomach and lose weight without pills SLC Spatz Slim

When it comes to weight loss, I believe that many people have tried to lose weight in a variety of ways, both fasting and by adjust eating habits, exercise, or even taking diet pills, but they didn’t get the desired results. In some cases, there are Yo-Yo Effect conditions that may occur from losing weight the wrong way, causing it to come back to the usual weight or even overweight. This extra weight then causes anxiety, lack of confidence, negatively affecting the health and mind. Some of these symptoms may affect work and everyday life. Currently, there is a medical innovation called Gastric Balloon in Thailand that has been accepted internationally for a long time, allowing service recipients to lose weight without drugs and weight loss surgery (e.g., gastric sleeve). You don’t have to recuperate at the hospital. This procedure of endoscopic gastric balloon insertion (Spatz Slim) is intended to help people who are unable to control or limit their food intake, feel full faster and not eat more than the size of their stomach. This allows the client to lose weight effectively and safely under the supervision of a specialist surgeon. 

Gastric Balloon SLC Spatz Slim
Gastric Balloon: Weight loss balloon insertion SLCSpatzSlim in order to lose weight without drugs. There is no surgical procedure and all done with medical techniques. 

What is gastric balloon insertion? 

Spatz Slim by SLC is a gastric balloon insertion, medically known as Gastric Balloon. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive weight loss method, suitable for people who want to lose weight, but are unable to control their diet and those at risk who cannot undergo any surgery. The surgeon uses a laparoscopic method and inserts a Spatz Slim silicone balloon into the stomach, in which the balloon is filled with saline mixed with a blue substance called methylene blue (Methylene Blue), which is not harmful to the body. The surgeon will fill the saline with blue substance in the amount ranging from 350 700 cc, depending on the suitability of the individual and the surgeon’s assessment in order to reduce the space in the stomach to make the recipient feel full and have a lower intake of food. 

There is a special way to prepare before undergoing gastric balloon surgery in the next step. Generally, it takes between 6-12 months for a balloon to stay inside the stomach. The recipient can remove the balloon when the desired results are achieved. 

Gastric Balloon SLC Spatz Slim
SLCSpatzSlim lose weight without pills using a medical non surgical medical technique. 

Who is suitable for gastric balloon? 

  • People who are unable to control their food intake including those who eat too much food. 
  • People who want to lose weight without surgery and without taking diet pills. 
  • People with snoring problem with sleep apnea and people with knee pain, osteoarthritis, or diabetes. 
  • People who are overweight and have Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 27 or between 30 and 50. 

How to calculate BMI or Body Mass Index (BMI) 

BMI = body weight (kg) divided by height (m) squared. 

For example, the patient has a body weight of 70 kilograms and a height of 152 centimeters or 1.52 meters (1.522), when calculated, will be as follows: 

Body Mass Index (BMI) 

= 70 / (1.52 x 1.52) 


= 70 / 2.31 

= 30.30 

From the example, if the BMI is 30.30, for Thais or Asians, the BMI should be between 25.00 29.99, which is different from Europeans. Since Asians are smaller in physique than Europeans, it is necessary to adjust the range of BMI to match the body structure of Asians. 

Gastric Balloon SLC Spatz Slim
Asian Body Mass Index (BMI) Criteria – Lose weight without drugs with medical techniques. 

Benefits of putting a balloon in the stomach 

  1. When inserting a balloon, it helps you feel full faster and longer than usual. 
  2. Helps to adjust long-term eating habits even after removing the balloon. 
  3. Lose weight quickly and safely under the supervision of a specialist surgeon. 
  4. Rapid weight loss without harm to the body under the supervision of a specialist surgeon. 
  5. It can reduce the risk of diseases related to being overweight, such as osteoarthritis, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. 
  6. Better physical health. 
  7. Better physical shape and boosts confidence of patients. 

Gastric Balloon SLC Spatz Slim

Advantages of a gastric balloon insertion 

  • Patients do not need to recuperate at the hospital. You can go home 1-2 hours after the balloon is inserted. 
  • Fast recovery, no surgery, no scars, no medication and no pain. 
  • Very safe. 

Advantages of putting a balloon in the stomach SLCSpatzSlim lose weight without drugs with medical specialist techniques. 

Gastric Balloon SLC Spatz Slim

Procedure of putting the balloon in the stomach. 

  1. Check the patient’s physical readiness before inserting the balloon. 
  2. Anesthesiologist will give sleeping pills 
  3. An anesthetic will be sprayed into the throat to prevent the patient from feeling nauseous during the procedure or feeling like unconsciously ejecting the balloon during treatment. 
  4. The surgeon inserts a silicone balloon through the esophagus down to the stomach and then guide the balloon into the proper position. 
  5. When the balloon is in the proper position, the surgeon will inject 350-700 CC of saline solution mixed with blue substance, depending on the suitability of the individual and the surgeon’s assessment. 
  6. The patient will need to recuperate to observe symptoms after balloon insertion. Patients with severe abdominal pain and vomiting will receive antacids and anti-vomiting pills given by the nurse. 

How to insert a gastric balloon Spatz Slim 

What are the benefits of putting a balloon in the stomach at SLC Surgery Hospital? 

  • Specialized surgeon in gastric balloon insertion. 
  • Balloon insertion by laparoscopy therefore no surgery and no scars. 
  • Average weight loss 10-20 kg within one year. 
  • Specialist surgery hospital of high standards called “Boutique Hospital of Thailand”. 
  • Modern operating room technology with cleanliness and safety control by computer system. 
  • Anesthesiologist 1:1 general anesthesia 
  • Anti-thromboembolic machine is utilized in cases under anesthesia. 
  • Professional nurses providing 1:1 care 24 hours a day. 
  • Personal Patient Advisor: Personal surgery consultant. 
  • Service is excellent with follow-up care continuously and follow-up after gastric balloon insertion. 
  • Trusted by SLC customers and recognized among foreign customers for weight loss and body shaping. 

Preparation for gastric balloon 

  • Refrain from eating at least 8 hours before the procedure. 
  • Abstain from drinking water for at least 2 hours. 
  • Refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol, including refraining from eating fermented food. 
  • Those who will insert the balloon must take antacids before breakfast and dinner for 14 days. 

Taking care of yourself while having the balloon 

  • Control food intake and avoid foods that are high in fat and sugar.  
  • Regular exercise. 
  • See a surgeon 1 week after balloon insertion to follow up after gastric balloon insertion and regular appointments with a surgeon to adjust the balloon size. 

Guidelines for eating and other behaviors. 

After gastric balloon insertion to reduce obesity, it is important to pay attention to the food and nutrients that the body needs to receive. When the balloon expands in the stomach, it makes the stomach smaller, making each meal very important in order to get the proper nutrition for the body. The behavioral adjustments are as follows: 

  1. On the first 2 weeks, the patient should not eat heavy food and should instead choose a liquid diet that is easy to digest to allow the body to adjust. 
  2. Take one multivitamin daily as directed by your surgeon. 
  3. Eat small meals every 2-4 hours. If you feel hungry, do not eat before meals to prevent eating too fast or too much. 
  4. Chew your food slowly and make sure that each meal should take at least 20-30 minutes. 
  5. Prepare a balanced, varied and nutritious menu. There should be protein in the meal. 
  6. During the day, drink 8-10 glasses of water or fluids to prevent constipation. 
  7. Sit at the table and eat without doing other activities such as watching TV during the meal. 
  8. Avoid sugary drinks, fruit juices, foods that are high in fat, high in sugar, and high in energy. 
  9. Avoid eating before meals. 
  10. Avoid eating any food 3-4 hours before bedtime. 

Gastric Balloon SLC Spatz Slim

Adjust eating behavior while the balloon is inserted into the stomach 

First week: Patients should eat clear liquid food and sip 1/4 glass of water every hour. Water should not be sucked directly from the straw because the air resulting from the suction will go into the stomach, causing bloating and discomfort of the stomach. 

  • On the first day, sip 1/4 of a glass of water every hour. 
  • On day 2, Drink cold pressed vegetable juice and you can consume clear soup. 
  • On the 3rd day, eat liquid food. You can increase the thickness of food such as soup, fruit juice, milk, soy milk, yogurt, tea, coffee. 

Week 2 Eat mashed foods such as mashed potatoes, mashed fish, mashed chicken (skinless), mashed (lean) meats. If you want to eat rice, you can blend rice and meat together. You can add a new food every day, gradually adding 2 tablespoons at a time, but make sure to have small meals during the day to get the body used to this. If you feel unwell after eating, such as having abdominal pain, feeling uncomfortable, you should stop eating or wait 2-3 days before and try eating again later.  

  • Consume milk, natural yoghurt and cold pressed vegetable juice/smoothie, and mashed potatoes 
  • On the 9th day, you can eat minced fish meat and minced chicken (without skin) 
  • On the 12th day, you can eat eggs. 

Week 3 Able to eat normal food but must grind the meat, vegetables and fruits thoroughly. 

Week 4 Able to eat normally but the amount of food must be controlled according to the level of satisfaction, only according to the amount that the body wants to consume. Customers can eat spicy food and herbs. There is no effect on the silicone balloon. 

  • From the 21st day onwards, you can eat normally. 

Order of food selection 

When eating less, it’s important to choose food that has more emphasis on nutrients. You should choose to eat protein foods first, then focus on fruits and vegetables and other foods respectively. 

  • Protein, fish, lean meats, chicken, eggs, tofu or snacks, you may choose to eat milk or yogurt. 
  • Avoid sugary drinks, fruit juices, high-fat, high-sugar, high-energy foods, as these will make it harder to lose weight. 

Gastric Balloon SLC Spatz Slim

Diet guidelines after removing the balloon 

After removing the balloon you can eat normally, but must avoid high fat diet, fried foods and foods that use a lot of oil in their cooking because it will cause the body to receive high energy. Normally, the body should receive about 1,200 kcal of energy per day in order to avoid obesity again. 

  • Normal food, boiled, stewed, steamed, baked, grilled 
  • Lean meat 
  • Limit flour appropriately (1 portion of rice or 1 slice of bread per meal) 
  • Avoid high-sugar foods (sweets, bakeries, ice cream, donuts, and high-sugar beverages). 

Gastric Balloon SLC Spatz Slim

Foods to avoid after the balloon is removed 

  • High-fat foods, such as fried, fried, and foods that use a lot of oil when cooking. 
  • Lean meat, chicken skin 
  • Butter (Margarine) 

Actions after the balloon is removed 

Gastric balloon insertion can help you lose weight. This is to make weight loss more effective. There should be a control over food intake, and adjustment of eating habits as if the balloon is still in place and this will allow the patient to maintain sustainable weight control. The most important thing is long-term health care. In addition to choosing foods that are healthy and full of nutrients, patients should make their minds free from stress and should exercise regularly to help the patients have a good health. 

Gastric Balloon SLC Spatz Slim

Possible side effects after gastric balloon insertion: 

  • After 5 to 8 hours, the patient may experience nausea because the body wants to remove the balloon. These symptoms will occur for about 3-4 days. After that, the symptoms will gradually improve until it returns to normal. 
  • Service recipients will eat less food from the original 1 in 3 parts of the amount they used to eat. 

Limitations of gastric balloon insertion 

  1. Once the weight has been lost for a period of 4-6 months, there is a chance that the change will not be felt after that and therefore there is a need to add more solution causing the patient to have to pay more. 
  2. May cause stomach ulcers 
  3. Stomach bleeding may occur. 
  4. Stomach obstruction may occur. 

Who should not insert a gastric balloon? 

  1. Women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. 
  2. People who are allergic to silicone rubber. 
  3. People with abnormalities in the esophagus making endoscopy difficult to go down, such as narrowing of the esophagus, leaking, or having had an accident of the esophagus. 
  4. People with stomach disorders (gastrointestinal ulcer, Stomach hemorrhage, including those with severe acid reflux). 
  5. People who are prone to bleeding and have difficulty in blood clotting. 
  6. People with severe medical conditions (heart disease, sepsis, severe and uncontrolled lung disease, pneumonia, and abdominal infection). 
  7. People who are addicted to alcohol and cannot quit. 
  8. Patients requiring antiplatelet therapy clot-dissolving drugs including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. 

Reviews of gastric balloon insertion from real customers! Lose weight without medication! 

Frequently asked questions about gastric balloon. 

Q: Once the balloon is inserted into the stomach how long will the balloon last? 

A: Usually the gastric balloon is inserted for a period of about 1 year or if the results are satisfactory, the balloon can be removed. The balloon will not be placed lifelong. During the gastric balloon insertion, your surgeon will administer medication to reduce stomach acid. 

Q: Can I eat normally while putting the balloon in my stomach? And what foods are forbidden to eat? 

A: During the gastric balloon insertion, the patient is able to eat one third of the amount of food eaten before the balloon is inserted. However, while wearing the balloon, there are no special dietary restrictions. 

Q: How many kilograms can you lose with gastric balloon? 

A : During the first 3-4 months of losing weight, your body weight will drop rapidly and after that, the body weight will gradually decrease steadily. In general, gastric balloon patients can lose an average of 15 kg to 20 kg, or at least 10-15 percent of their original weight. 

Q : With the gastric balloon is it possible to do normal daily activities? 

A: During the first week you should not do any strenuous activity. Once the body has adjusted, you can go on with your daily living and activities as usual and you should exercise regularly for faster weight loss results and better physical health. 

Q: Is there a chance of weight gain after taking off the balloon? 

A: To maintain a stable body weight, the patient should eat the same amount of food as if the balloon is still in place together with regular exercise However, while the balloon is inserted, a nutritionist will guide you through diet and nutrition guidelines and adjust your eating behavior. Therefore, the service recipient will have a change in eating behavior and lifestyle after the balloon insertion. In the period from 6-9 months, the body will adapt and this will change you to be with this eating behavior permanently. When you remove the balloon, you will eat the same amount of food and you will feel full as if you were wearing a balloon. 

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