Forehead augmentation or forehead injection, which one should I choose? Which technique is the best!

Flat forehead, short, narrow forehead, dimpled forehead, uneven forehead, causing the hair to be gathered. It is a concern for many women. Because the forehead lacks protrusion, the face has no dimension. The face looks short and out of proportion that makes the face look older than their age. Although these problems are not a big deal. But it’s part of our lack of confidence that we don’t want to pick me up. Many women therefore choose to find a solution with forehead augmentation to make the forehead curve more convex to the face. However, currently doing Forehead Augmentation There are many techniques to choose from, including forehead augmentation. silicone forehead augmentation or the use of fillers with body fat or fillers for forehead injections. Now, what technique should we choose to make the forehead beautiful and satisfying? No need to fix it. Let’s see today. that each technique of forehead augmentation is different So which type of forehead augmentation surgery should we choose? to match our faces as much as possible