Endotine face lift surgery face lift tighten again

Endotine face lift surgery
facelift has developed more There is a relatively high security. Therefore, it is not as scary as the old and present face pulling. have adopted medical techniques Let’s apply together That is, face lifting with endotine material, which is a material imported from the United States and approved by the FDA from the United States and Korea. It has the same properties as melted silk. It can be dissolved by itself within 1-2 years and is still effective in creating new collagen. Makes it able to hold the skin that has sagging problems to be lifted up. by providing a lifting effect that lasts longer than general tightening thus making it another option For those who have problems with drooping temples and cheeks, drooping eyebrows, drooping eyelids, drooping eyelids, drooping eyelids, those who wish for a forehead lift surgery. Solve forehead wrinkles Sagging skin on the face of the neck It will perform laparoscopic surgery, which is a face lift with a small open wound, less pain, fast healing, clear results.