Laser Fat Lift
Laser Fat Lift

Laser Fat Lift

Laser Fat Lift, reducing excess fat in specific sites for a firm and beautiful face
This technology is approved by both the US and the Thai FDA. It is used for removing excess fat in specific sites of the face by using laser to melt excess fat, and suck dissolved fat with Negative pressure of a small Cannula without tissue becoming bruised. Also, you will only experience mild pain.

Which areas can be treated with Laser Fat Lift?

  •     Cheek fat 

  •     Excess fat around the mouth

  •     Chin fat


  • Significant improvement noticeable immediately. Since liposuction is performed during treatment area will be reduced.

  • New collagen formation results in treatment area gradually tightening up.

  • Treatment site will be more in shape and firm.

  • No side effect to surrounding tissues.

  • No yoyo effect

Treatment time
About an hour, depending on the area treated.

Post-treatment care

  • No recovery time.

  • You may have swelling or bruising in treatment area, but only in rare cases, and it will disappear within 1-2 days.

  • Follow the instructions as recommended by the doctor.

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