Chin Augmentation

For those who have problems with a short chin, dimpled chin, blunt chin, round face, causing the face structure to be deformed and unattractive. The solution to the problem is chin augmentation surgery. insert medical silicone by choosing a shape to suit each patient’s face The silicone used is a super soft type, and many people wonder if the chin hurts, where to do the chin at SLC Hospital can fix the problem on the spot. and make it look natural Combined with the special technique of the surgeon to position the silicone to make it look as smooth as possible so that the result is a naturally beautiful face. The surgeon will have 2 types of techniques to open wounds, which are the outer wound and the inner wound. The surgeon will open an incision under the chin approximately 1-1.5 centimeters. The surgeon will open an incision in the mouth between the lip and the gum below. to open a channel for silicone This will make the wound invisible, which chin augmentation is suitable for those who do not want chin injections and want permanent. Where do you do your chin?