Buttock Augmentation Surgery

Having a beautiful buttock, with clear curves is a very charming point and it adds distinctiveness to the body. It also enhances the image and gives more confidence in both the way you dress as well as having a good personality throughout your life. In the medical profession, we can add perfection to the body shape around the buttocks to be beautiful and round with a beautiful arc Buttock Augmentation or Hip Augmentation surgery which is very popular nowadays.

This is due to the fact that the technology of buttocks or hip augmentation surgery has advanced greatly in terms of development, safety and it adjusts the shape of the buttocks and hips to look as proportional to the body as desired.

Hip Augmentation / Buttock Augmentation Surgery

This surgery is done for buttocks or hips with silicone gel, which is the same type of silicone used for breast augmentation, but has a different appearance and shape. It is manufactured and designed for use only for the buttocks or hips.

You can also choose the size of the silicone implant to be suitable for the body around the buttocks or hips. This depends on the surgeon’s opinion and analysis of the suitability of each individual.

4 Different Buttock Shapes for Girls

1. Square buttock or H-shaped buttock : This is when you have almost the same waist and hip circumference and the pelvic area is quite large and looks superficially like a person without a buttock.

2. Round buttock : This is when you have wide buttocks in a spherical shape, waist circumference and hips that are spread out in proportion.

In this case there is a concave arc according to the body but the buttocks are full and tight and looks more prominent than the part of the pelvis. Classified as a sexy buttock shape.

3. Heart shaped buttock : This is when the waist is small, the hips are wide, and the buttocks are full of tension at the bottom from the accumulation of fat from the thighs to the lower buttock cheeks or some people may have fat accumulation that spreads to the waistline.

4. Inverted triangle buttock : This is when you have a waist circumference that is smaller than the hips and the cheeks of the upper buttocks are full and tight, but look small and narrow and this makes it look like there is no lower buttocks.

This type of buttocks were found mostly in the elderly because the production of estrogen decreases, resulting in the accumulation of fat in the buttocks and mid-body more than when they were younger.

However, regardless of the shape of the buttocks and no matter how much you exercise, it always stays the same but at SLC Hospital, you can definitely create a new buttocks to look bouncy and beautiful.

There are many kinds of silicone that you can choose according to your needs

  • Silimed
  • Sebbin
  • Motiva

Hip Augmentation / Buttock Augmentation Surgery can be done in conjunction with the Hybrid technique.

This technique is the same technique as Hybrid breast augmentation by combining the two techniques through supplementing silicone along with stem cell transplantation from their own fat. The results are more effective than conventional silicone augmentation.

This technique will make the buttocks or hips look as natural as possible.

Because the buttocks or hips augmentation with silicone alone may make the shape very clear and make the silicone edge too visible making the buttocks or hips look unnatural.

Therefore, using the Hybrid technique can help the shape to look more natural.

Differences of silicone used in hip augmentation surgery with silicone used for breast augmentation.

The silicone used to enhance the buttocks or hips contains the same silicone gel as the silicone used for breast augmentation, but has different sizes, shapes and details. It is suitable for use to enhance the buttocks or hips only, because it is a silicone implant in a large muscle with a lot of movement and has more pressure than the chest area.

Silicone is used for the buttocks or hips. The silicone gel contained inside is harder and tougher than the silicone used for breast augmentation. The shape is flatter and wider. The skin part of the silicone buttocks or hips has both smooth and rough surfaces.

It can be used in both forms and the silicone for buttocks or hips are widely used in European countries, including Thailand because it is highly safe. In buttocks or hip augmentation surgery, the results are clearly seen and can bring a beautiful change.

Types of silicone implants used for buttock augmentation / hip augmentation

High quality silicone gel implants are used which are designed to withstand impact and compression very well. The gel is packed in a silicone implant. It is a very dense gel suitable for buttocks or hip augmentation, which is divided into 2 shapes: round and teardrop.

The shape used depends on the surgeon’s decision to analyze the suitability of each individual’s physique in order to determine the suitable implant shape.

Silicone implants for buttocks or hips, (round type): It is a silicone that is flatter than silicone breast augmentation. Suitable for augmentation of the inner hip area or around the buttocks to make the buttocks look round and beautiful.

However, the surgery should not be done under the skin to increase the size because it may not make the shape look naturally beautiful.

Teardrop-shaped silicone buttocks or hip augmentation: It is a silicone used for augmentation of the sides of the hips. This will make your hips look more natural. Often referred to as natural silicone. Silicones need to be positioned the same on both sides for the most natural looking results.

Who are suitable for butt or hip augmentation surgery?

1. People with small buttocks or hips from birth, withered and folded like men, and want to wear tight pants or a bikini to look more beautiful.

2. People who have had breast augmentation before and want to add more buttocks or hips to adjust the shape to look proportional, concave, curved and look more sexy.

3. People who have lost a lot of weight in the past causing their skin to sag and wanted to lift and tighten their shape, including their buttocks or hips by augmentation.

4. Solve the problem of sagging buttocks according to age and wants to enhance the buttocks or hips to look more firm.

5. Suitable for lady boys because men normally do not have prominent hips and therefore hip augmentation is a good option.

6. Group of women whose husbands are foreigners and like big hips.

7. For those who don’t want to wear panties to enhance their buttocks but want to wear tight pants, this can help to show their hips with confidence.

Surgical techniques for buttocks or hip augmentation surgery

1. Surgery where silicone is placed under the skin

It is a surgery for buttocks or hips using surgical techniques and positioning the silicone under the skin layer area above the muscle. The prominent convexity of the hips can be clearly seen, making the surgery less painful with no harm to the nerves.

The buttocks or hips are clearly convex and takes less time to recuperate.

2. Surgery by placing silicone under the muscle

It is a surgery to enhance the buttocks or hips by positioning the silicone between the upper and lower hip muscles. It is more painful than the buttock or hip augmentation technique but it will make the silicone edge invisible and there is less chance that the silicone will stick out.

Moreover, this technique will require expertise from an experienced doctor in order not to injure the large nerves in the legs and prevent problems such as a moving silicone and infection.

This in turn reduce long-term care problems and it will make your buttocks or hips look more natural and beautiful.

3. Surgery by placing silicone under the muscle fascia.

It’s a technique that has been developed a lot from 2 surgical techniques, which is an opening under the muscle fascia then putting the silicone implants in the buttocks or hips.

It is a surgery to enhance the buttocks or hips above the muscles but under the muscle fascia to make the results clearly visible. The result will make a more beautiful bulge than the under-muscle augmentation and can enhance the area on the side of the hip. However, this technique is not widely used today because there is no standard way to do it.

The location of the surgical wound for hip augmentation with silicone

Incision from a buttock or hip augmentation surgery is located in the upper buttock slit because after the surgery it will leave few traces of scars and hides the wound in an invisible position, However, those who have buttocks or hip augmentation surgery must take care of the incision properly after the surgery because there is a chance of infection since the wound is near the anus.

How good is “Silicone Buttocks or Hip Augmentation Surgery in Thailand” at SLC Hospital?

Supervised by anesthesiologist.  A specialist in providing anesthesia and general anesthesia throughout the whole surgery 1:1.

During surgery at SLC Hospital, we have an anesthesiologist, who is a specialized anesthesia physician that will take care of the safety of the surgery from the beginning until the end. The anesthesiologist will monitor the symptoms all the time and closely supervise the patient.

Butt augmentation or hip augmentation, which one is more beautiful?

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Between butt augmentation and butt injection, which one is better?

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Preparation before buttocks / hip augmentation surgery

  • Avoid aspirin, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages. Avoid garlic, onions, fish oil, vitamin E, and soy products for about 2 weeks before the surgery, as these foods affect blood clotting which can cause heavy bleeding during surgery.
  • Abstain from food and water 6-8 hours before the surgery.
  • If there is a congenital disease or drug allergy you must inform the doctor in advance.
  • People with underlying medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure should not undergo surgery.
  • Hip augmentation surgery should not be performed in conjunction with other surgeries on the front of the body, such as abdominal fat removal or breast augmentation because there will be problems in caring after surgery except for minor liposuction that may be done together.
  • There should be a caregiver at home after the surgery.
  • Stop smoking 2 weeks before the surgery.

Buttock / Hip Augmentation Surgery Procedure

  • A specialist anesthesiologist performs general anesthesia and the patient must lie down on the stomach.
  • The surgeon will make an incision above the anal fissure 1-2 incisions, approximately 4 – 5 cm long.
  • Put the silicone implant in the appropriate position for each person’s body.
  • Stitches on the muscles and the subcutaneous layer.

Operation time

  • The surgery takes about 1 hour and a half – 2 hours (depending on each individual)

After care after silicone buttock augmentation surgery / hip augmentation

  • During the first week, lie on your stomach in order to prevent the separation of wounds because the wound is not yet strong.
  • Refrain from strenuous activity for 1 month
  • Stitch removal can be performed approximately 2 weeks after the surgery.
  • Follow the nurse’s instructions strictly.
  • Complete prescription medication to reduce pain and swelling
  • Visit the doctor according to the appointment and if any abnormal symptoms are found, the doctor should be informed immediately.

Q&A Frequently asked questions?

1. After Silicone hip augmentation surgery will the scars be noticeable or not?

: The scar will fade within 3-6 months and the doctor will hide the scars around the anal fissure which will make it less evident.

2. Is the silicone implant used for buttocks / hips durable or not? How many years does it need to be replaced?

: Silicone can last a lifetime. If there are no problems then it is not necessary to change ever.

3. Is there a chance that the silicone will break?

: It’s very unlikely because silicone is very hard and tough and is designed to withstand impact and compression very well.

4. If you get older the hips that have been augmented with silicone, do they have any chance of sagging?

: Sagging is normal with increasing age but even this can be fixed with lifting.

5. Can buttocks or hips augmentation surgery with silicone be done along with fat injections or not?

: It can be done together because at SLC Hospital, there is a combination of two techniques by supplementing with silicone along with stem cell transplantation from their own fat. The results are more effective than conventional silicone augmentation and this technique will make the results look as natural as possible.

Buttock Augmentation buttock augmentation surgery

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