Breast Lift Surgery Removes Excess Breast Skin to Raise

At the moment, breast lift is becoming very popular because changes in the shape, size or sagging of the breasts are likely to occur at any time. Whether it is a problem of drooping breasts, sagging breasts from age, or sagging breasts after childbirth, as well as hereditary breast sagging or different types of  breasts, all of these would be good candidates for breast lifting It helps your breasts to return to their shape to look beautiful and firm in no time. If the areola of the breasts are too large, the surgeon will also reduce the size of the areola so that the proportions of breast size and areola are balanced and the breast lift will also help to make the size and proportion to be just right. In some case it may be necessary to have a breast augmentation along with a breast lift depending on the size and shape of the breast and the level of sagging. For those whose breasts are too big, there may be a lifting along with reducing the size of the breasts together.

The causes of sagging breasts are as follows:

  1. Changes due to age because as the age increases, the elasticity of muscles and skin is also reduced.
  2. Deterioration of the skin and muscles.
  3. Obesity makes the breast size bigger, resulting in the accumulation of fat. The weight of the breasts will increase causing sagging.
  4. Rapid weight loss which will cause the amount of fat in the chest to disappear quickly. There will be a lot of skin which will make the breasts sag.
  5. Postpartum and lactation conditions. During pregnancy, a large amount of milk is produced by the mammary glands and after you stop breastfeeding, the mammary glands will shrink and this will cause the size of the breasts to reduce, causing the breasts to sag.
  6. Hereditary, for those who have large and saggy breasts passed on from generations.
  7. Having too much activity and not using enough support shirts.

Who is suitable for Breast lifting

  1. Suitable for people with sagging and not firm breasts.
  2. The nipple or areola is in a lower position than usual.
  3. Suitable for mothers who have problems with their breasts losing their shape from breastfeeding.
  4. Suitable for those who have had breast augmentation and the size is not suitable for the body and therefore needs to be fixed.
  5. Healthy people who are not suffering from severe disease or have any effect on the healing of the wounds.

Things to know before Breast lift surgery

Before undergoing surgery your doctor will ask you for information about your overall health and your external personality which are the main factors because it will affect the surgery. However, the patient must cooperate in providing information to the doctor for best results.

  • Openly expressing patient expectations.
  • Disclosure of health history, current disease treatment, taking vitamins, herbal supplement, drinking alcohol and smoking.
  • Telling about a family history of breast cancer and the results of your breast health check.
  • Strictly follow the instructions given by the plastic surgeon prior to surgery.

Assessment before Breast lift surgery

Breast lift surgery is an individual problem with different techniques and styles and it is based on the doctor’s assessment as follows:

  1. The size and shape of the breasts
  2. Size and position of the areola
  3. The degree of sagging of the breasts
  4. The skin condition and skin elasticity including the excess amount of skin in the chest area

Techniques for Breast lift surgery are as follows:

Breast Lift

1.Inverted T-shape lifting (Anchor)

The case where the breasts are the most slender are those that are below the level of the nipple lines and the doctor has to move the nipples which are very apart using the vertical incision technique alone may not be enough. Therefore, horizontal incisions are required to make the shape of the breasts beautiful.

This technique of breast lifting surgery will remove the extra part of the breast. It is a breast lift together with augmentation. The doctor will only beautify the skin without interfering with the breast mass and this surgical technique can move the nipples and decorate the skin around the breast as much as possible.

2.Technique with vertical incisions ( lollipop )

In the case of breasts that are very flexible, the level of the nipples are lower than they should be. The lifting surgery is therefore necessary to move the nipples higher and have to remove some part of the skin. The advantage of this technique of breast lifting is that the skin of the outer and inner breasts is moved to the middle. This makes the breast shaped like a cone. This makes the top of the breasts and nipples look flat and beautiful.

3.Donut technique ( Donut )

In the case of low to moderate sagging breasts, the skin around the areola is donut-shaped and attached to the nipple.  After suturing around the areola, there will be pleated skin for about 2-3 months.

4.Crescent moon technique ( Crescent )

In the case of slightly sagging breasts, the edge of the areola is in a crescent shape and then the surgeon will raise the position of the nipple and the areola slightly in order to make it more beautiful. This method can move the areola by 2-3 cm and the nipple level can be increased by 1-2 cm. This technique allows the tissue in the breast to be lifted and ready for the adjust meant of the shape to correct the proportions of the structure, and the tightness of the breast in which the nipples and areolas will be relocated to a position that looks natural, with the same firmness and height and beauty of the breasts of a young woman. But if the areola is larger, the surrounding skin may be cut off to make the shape better. Also, if the skin around the breast is too large, it will also be cut off to compensate for the loss of flexibility.

The incision is usually made in a position that can be hidden under clothes, where undissolved sutures are sutured into the deep tissue layer of the breast to help build and support the breasts. The surgical scar pattern for a breast lift is determined based on the amount of elasticity of the patient’s skin. It can be done in many ways. The surgical incision may be a circle around the areola area or longitudinal marks along the lower part of the breast, or from the areola ring to the crease of the nipple base because it depends on the appearance of the patient’s breasts. When the excess skin is removed, the breasts are structured and lifted. The remaining skin is pulled tightly when the surgical incision is sutured. Some surgical incisions are concealed according to the natural contours of the breasts. But some incisions may appear. The scars are permanent but will fade over time.

Breast lift with Secret Lock™ Technique at SLC Hospital

It is a technique for bringing medical mesh or Titanium Mesh used for breast cancer patients to perform breast reconstruction surgery and can also be applied to breast lifting surgery  in Thailand with Secret Lock™ technique to solve problems for people with sagging breasts, breast deformities, those whose implants have moved in the breast, or those with whole breasts that look unnatural after breast augmentation surgery where the Signature Mesh serves to support the muscles and the chest wall. It will also help to put the silicone in the right position and add thickness to the skin around the chest, slowing down the sagging of the breast, and enhancing the efficiency of the breast lift! Get better results and maintain your breasts better!

Breast Lifting Surgery

Highlights of Breast Lifting at SLC Hospital

  1. Use specific technology that can help the breasts to be corrected in a variety of ways depending on the severity of the sagging.
  2. Experienced specialized surgeon.
  3. Boutique Hospital level rooms.
  4. The anesthesiologist performed 1:1 general anesthesia throughout the surgery.
  5. Safe, modern medical rooms and equipment that meet international standards.
  6. The results are amazing making the breasts plump and natural as before.
  7. The chest looks proportional to the body making you feel more confident.

How good is the anesthesiologist at SLC Hospital?

In any surgery, it is very necessary to have an anesthesiologist who is a specialized anesthesia physician and at SLC Hospital, we consider the safety of our customers as the number 1 priority. Therefore, an anesthesiologist takes care of your safety throughout the whole surgery. The correct anesthesia cannot be administered by a general doctor or nurse only. It should be done by a professional anesthesiologist which will have to administer anesthesia during the surgery, taking care from start to finish closely, no matter which anesthesia method they choose. At SLC Hospital this is considered to be a very important aspect of safety and is very important for us and for our patients.

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