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Hi every one Breast Augmentation There are 3 techniques in SLC Plastic Surgery Hospital: breast augmentation with silicone, breast augmentation with fat stem cell grafting and breast augmentation with a hybrid technique to meet different breast problems in each individual. Both small breasts, as well as sagging breasts are able to consult with a surgeon to analyze breast problems and design a breast size together, in order to make the result after doing the breasts to be as satisfying in the way you like the most. Confirmed by real customers’ voices through Reality Live and breast augmentation reviews from many celebrities and patients.

“No need to push up or push together, beautiful shape, unlimited CC.”

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What materials are used for Breast Augmentation ?

  1. medical silicone
  2. body fat stem cells
  3. fat in combination with silicone or Hybrid breast-augmentation (breast augmentation with silicone and fat)

Comparison of different materials for breast augmentation

Nowadays, breast-making technique options are available to add confidence in a variety of ways, including breast augmentation with silicone and breast augmentation with fat. These techniques help the girls – have fuller breasts in the way they want. For these type of breasts, we should choose the breasts that is good for ourselves. How does each method come out? Is it beautiful or not? You can see the difference of each breast augmentation technique in depth here!! What kind of breast augmentation is good? Silicone VS Fat Injection!

I:Breast-Augmentation surgery with medical silicone

Medical silicone or artificial breast implant for breast augmentation will be used by the surgeon to insert into the breast by placing it in place on the muscle or under the pectoral muscles to make the breasts bigger. The silicone breast augmentation has many levels of convexity which includes round shape, teardrop shape, semi spherical shape and semi teardrop shape. In addition, the external surface of the silicone will be either smooth, rough, or as we know as sand and Nano Texture. The selection of silicone breast implants will depend on the surgeon’s evaluation and the outcome expected based on individual needs.

What kind of problems could be fixed by doing breast augmentation with silicone?

  1. There is already some amount of tissue in the chest area.
  2. Want to increase breast size by several sizes
  3. Flat chest, no chest, want to have fuller breasts
  4. The chest size is not the same and not equal.
  5. Sagging breasts or flattened breasts after childbirth

Review of silicone breast augmentation, full cup, without limiting the size

Beautiful breasts. No matter what dress you wear, you will be 100 percent confident.

How many shapes of silicone breast implants are there?

1. Round Implant: round silicone

Round implant silicone is the standard form of breast augmentation nowadays. It fills the chest well. It is suitable for people who want to have a beautiful breasts. There is no problem with the twisting of the silicone. The result is natural looking like a teardrop shape. When the breasts are properly sized, they will make the upper breasts larger and more convex than the teardrop silicone. It also has softness and rounded edges that fit the shape. After augmentation with round silicone, the breasts will look fuller and more beautiful.

Who is suitable for round silicone
  1. Those who already have enough breast tissue.
  2. Those who want the breasts to look fuller and have a clearer shape.

2. Tear drop: water drop silicone

Tear drop or Anatomical Silicone Implant is a shape that is designed to mimic the natural breast that resembles a water drop. The lower area is larger than the upper part. After augmentation with teardrop-shaped silicone, the breasts will look naturally fuller.

Who is suitable for teardrop-shaped silicone
  1. Those who have some tissue in their breasts.
  2. Do not want to see the shape of the silicone too obviously.
  3. Slightly or moderately sagging breasts and want to lift them up.
  4. Breast constriction.
  5. The breasts are sagging, but not to the extreme.
  6. The breasts are placed lower than they should be.

3. Semi-spherical silicone

Silicone shapes that are only available in Motiva Ergonomix!! Semi-spherical silicone which are designed to mimic the natural breast that resembles a drop of water but is fuller. The lower area is larger than the upper part. After augmentation with teardrop-shaped silicone, it will help the breasts look plump and adjust the shape according to the movements for a natural-looking breast result even when lying down.

Who is a semi-tear droplet suitable for?
  1. Those who has some tissue in their breasts.
  2. Do not want to see the shape of the silicone too clearly.
  3. Slightly or moderately sagging breasts and want to lift them up.
  4. Breast constriction
  5. The breasts are sagging, but not to the extreme.

Review Motiva Ergonomix breast augmentation, semi-circular silicone, water droplets

The surface of the silicone breast augmentation

Each silicone surface when magnified 10 times.

What is the difference between the texture of each silicone breast augmentation types?

  • Smooth Silicone Implant or smooth silicone. The advantage is that there is less chance of wrinkles in the breast area than the sandy skin.
  • Textured Silicone Implant The advantage is that there is less chance of fibrosis around the breast than smooth skin.
  • Nano Surface or silicone velvet skin (available only in Motiva). The advantage is that it blends in with the body tissues and reduces the occurrence of fibrosis around the silicone.

What is contained in silicone breast augmentation

Silicone implant will have a silicone bag on the outside and inside the bag looks like a gel or saline. But the commonly used nowadays is the silicone gel bag (Cohesive gel), which is the standard. There is no risk of leakage in the future like the old silicone breast augmentation. It is also certified by the FDA that it is not harmful and is very safe for the body.

Is it better to insert silicone breast augmentation under the muscle or above the muscle?

A. Advantages of placing silicone under the muscle.
  1. Beautiful, smooth, natural looking breasts
  2. Suitable for skinny people with little breast tissue and thin skin texture which reduces the chance of fascia sticking and shrinking around the silicone.
  3. The edge of the silicone implant is less visible and there will be less wrinkles and creases. (depending on the original breast shape as well)
B. Advantages when augmenting the breast above the muscles
  1. Results to a natural-looking breast
  2. Focus on clear silicone
  3. Suitable for people with breast tissue

when deciding on breast-augmentation surgery which type of surgery to choose?

surgical incision location


Suited for:

A. Incision under the armpit

  • Fast recovery, hides the incision well, the scar is in the armpit fold

●    Those who do not want to have scars around the breast

B. Incision under the breast bone

  • Less traumatizing, the incision is in the crease under the breast.

●    Those who like to wear strapless tops can show their armpits with confidence.

C. Incision around the mammary glands

  • Less bruising, the surgical incision is directly on the breast.

●    People with large areolas, thick skin, good flexibility.

Surgical incision under the armpit, after breast augmentation surgery, 2 months, smooth and beautiful breasts with no scar visibility.

The stitches are beautiful and smooth. The surgical wound under the breastbone immediately after the operation is smooth and flawless.

Khun Fluke Kalon had breast surgery after 2 months, a wound under the breastbone.

The breasts are full, soft and fluffy, like my mother gave them to me.

Natural fat from the body beauty consultant

II:Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Surgery by Fat Grafting

Fat Transfer for Breast augmentation is the grafting of fat around the chest. The fat used for breast augmentation is taken from the patient’s own body. The surgeon will pull out the excess fat in different areas and then blend it to obtain pure fat cells to fill the breasts to make them firm, plump and naturally soft.

Who is suitable for breast fat grafting:

  1. Breasts that lost their shape from weight loss.
  2. Those who don’t want breast augmentation with silicone.
  3. Those who want natural softness

Limitations of breast-augmentation with fat:

  1. The exact size of the bust cannot be determined.
  2. There is a chance that the two breasts are not equal.
  3. Risk of a having a lump in the breast
  4. Requires a large amount of fat

III:Breast Augmentation surgery with Hybrid technique.

“Soft, natural look X2 with Hybrid technique”

Natural X2 Hybrid Breast Augmentation is breast augmentation with silicone in combination with fat grafting. This technique combines the strengths of the two types of breast augmentation together, making the results come out more effective than conventional breast augmentation, which helps fill and solve the lack of breasts problem perfectly. It gives results that make the breasts look natural with a beautiful shape, the breasts are close together, the breasts look full, the silicone edge is not visible and they are soft to touch.

Who are qualified to undergo Hybrid technique?

  1. little breast tissue or no breast tissue at all
  2. want to enlarge the current breast size
  3. The breasts size is not the same or they are uneven
  4. Breasts are smaller or sagging due to breastfeeding

A collection of reviews of breast augmentation surgery with Hybrid technique

“Plump, balanced, perfectly proportioned”

Breasts like this, what size of breasts should be made?

Because beautiful breasts don’t always have to be big, the surgeon will make a decision according to the individual proportions also by looking at the patient’s physique, both the width of the shoulders and the chest base, the size of the breasts must depend on their lifestyle. All the needs of each person are considered together with the surgeon to choose the best option for the patient.

  1. Insert a silicone that does not exceed the width of the base of the chest.

  • get the right breast size to fit the proportions of the body
  • looks natural with no silicone edge
  • the size of the surgical incision is smaller
  1. Insert a silicone larger than the width of the base of the chest.

  • Can put silicone as large as needed
  • Suitable for people who want fuller and bigger breasts.

Measure the chest size by Body Logic System: The surgeon will measure the silicone to fit the base of the breast precisely by measuring the width, length, and height of the breasts and breasts in millimeters. Then the surgeon will calculate the amount of breasts the patient needs to get the size of the silicone that fits the base of the individual breasts. This is why it is very important to consult a doctor before surgery in order to measure the actual breast size and test the actual size and shape of silicone before making the breast in order to get the right size for your body and make breasts that look natural and meet the customer’s needs and desires.

A beautiful, firm, natural-looking bust comes with a balanced volume and shape.

  • Safety distance is 3 cm. Close-fitting, no risk, beautiful, natural, and safe chest distance is 3 cm.
  • Balanced ratio 45:55. Upper chest to lower chest 45:55. The shape of the upper chest is straight down and concave. The lower chest is a curved, convex shape.
  • The ideal angle. The ideal breast shape is 45 degrees, the nipple is right at 90 degrees.

Are these problems that makes you want do breast surgery?

  1. Small breasts are not desirable.
  2. The proportions of both breasts are not the same.
  3. Wide breast base, spacing of breasts, fillet type breasts
  4. I want to increase my current breast size
  5. Chest shrinkage, breasts lost volume after weight loss.
  6. Breasts flattened after childbirth, sagging breasts from breastfeeding
  7. Had a breast augmentation that was too large and wanted to reduce the size of silicone
  8. LGBT wanting to adjust their body shape.

Why breast-augmentation surgery in Thailand at SLC is more special than others!

  • Boutique Hospital with high standards.
  • Designed and operated by a specialized surgeon with extensive experience in breast augmentation surgery.
  • Modern operating room technology with controlled cleanliness and safety by computer system.
  • Anesthesiologist 1:1 care throughout the surgery.
  • Anti-thrombosis in anesthesia case.
  • Professional nurses provide care 1:1 24 hours a day.
  • Personal Patient Advisor 1:1 personal beauty consultation.
  • Recovery Room: After breast augmentation, the patient is rehabilitated in a room that is decorated according to the standard of a hotel room to make the patient feel more relaxed with a special welcome amenities, presented to the recipient from the management team with a welcome drink and a gift to express gratitude and also with a set of spa amenities from Brand MAAI.
  • Breast augmentation price is reasonable and worth it.

Surgical procedure : Breast augmentation takes approximately 1-2 hours.

Anesthesia method: Anesthesia is performed by an anesthesiologist in a 1:1 way throughout the surgery.

Stitch removal time: 7 days after breast augmentation.

Follow up: 1 month after breast augmentation.

1 Year Breast augmentation

Happy with the beautiful body and more confidence with SLC Breast Augmentation

Many customers say in the same voice that … breast augmentation at SLCHospital, in addition to getting breasts that are soft to the touch, close in shape and beautiful and natural to the body and it also gives them more confidence  and makes them happy with their own body. They have more fun dressing up and it’s easy to put on any outfit, no need to use a padding to enhance the breast cup anymore…

  • 3 techniques for breast surgery used for every demand.
  • The breasts are designed to suit the individual body as much as possible.
  • Small incision, less swelling, less bruising, short recovery time, very safe

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