Techniques of Slimming the face with V-Line Jaw Surgery

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Every time you look at yourself in the mirror, does your face seem proportional?

The problems of disproportional face are very common, including asymmetric face, square face, and large jaw – all of which are mainly the result of the area around the “jaw” that causes a lack of confidence. The causes of disproportional face can be divided into three major causes, as follow

3 Major Causes of Square Face or “Large Jaw”

1. Genetics

Genetics can be regarded as the main cause of large jaws. It is natural to be born with features similar to your ancestors. Some may even have the face shape with large and prominent jaws since young.

2. Large Jaw Muscles

If you are one of those people who chew gums regularly or eat hard food that requires more effort in biting and chewing, the muscles around the jaw may develop. Overuse of muscles or regular contraction of muscles will naturally make them stronger and larger in size. However, once the muscles are no longer used or exercised, they will become smaller according to the body’s mechanism.

3. Large Jaws Caused by “Bone”

In the aspect of physiology, large jaws are caused by the bone that grows simultaneously with the physiological structure of the body. Some people may have jaws that are too large for their face structure.

Two Techniques of “Jaw Reduction V Line Surgery”

Initially, the jaw condition and structure of the patient will be examined with X-ray, which include the height and thickness of the jaws, the thickness of muscles around the jaw corners, the relationship between the jaws and upper facial bones, occlusion, abnormality of organs around the jaw such as maxilla, teeth, and chin. The x-ray results will be used to support the planning of jaw reduction surgery to be suitable for each individual’s face.​

1. Jaw Surgery is the removal of jawbone, which is suitable for those with a square face or large jaw.

2. V Line Surgery is the removal of jawbone and jawline that is the main cause of square face. V Line surgery is currently very popular amongst those who wish to have a slim and proportional face. This technique will make the jawline narrower, causing the face to appear slimmer in complementary with the chin. It is suitable for correcting asymmetric face that is caused by the jawbone. In addition, this technique is also suitable for those who wish to enhance the shape of the face for an improved appearance. The degree of jaw reduction will be decided by the medical specialist and according to the X-ray results of each individual.

Reviews on V Line Surgery

รีวิว ศัลยกรรมตัดกราม V Line 


Two Techniques of Incision for “Jaw Surgery” and “V Line Surgery”

1. Incision inside the mouth has the following procedures:

  • Medical equipment is used for the incision inside the mouth, near the third molar, at the length of approximately 3-5cm. according to the consideration of the medical specialist.

  • ​The tissues inside the mouth, around the jawbone, are separated.  


  • The scalpel is used to remove the bone at the corner of the jaw according to the surgical plan.

  • In case the patient wishes to undergo the V Line surgery, the specialized surgeon will remove the bone from the jaw corner all the way to the extended jaw line in order to obtain a slimmer jaw structure.

  • Medical equipment is used to reshape and correct the jaw to have a perfect and appropriate curvature. The incision inside the mouth is then stitched with dissolvable sutures.

2. Incision outside the mouth has the following procedures:

  • Medical equipment is used for the incision near the corner of the jaw, at the length of approximately 1-1.5 inches, according to the consideration of the specialized surgeon.​

  • The muscle tissues are separated from the bone along the jawline, avoiding contact with the nerves at the mouth corner.

  • The corner of the jaw is removed using a medical equipment, similar to a small saw.

  • In case the patient wishes to undergo the V Line surgery, the specialized surgeon will remove the bone from the jaw corner all the way to the extended jaw line in order to obtain a slimmer jaw structure.

  • The bone around the surgical area is reshaped to have appropriate curvatures and smoothness.

  • The incision outside the mouth, with a length of 1-1.5 inches, is then stitched.

Differences between “Incision inside the Mouth” and “Incision outside the Mouth”

  • Incision inside the mouth will reduce the risk of damage to the nerves around the mouth corner.

  • Incision outside the mouth may be visible under the jaw corner. However, it will fade naturally within 3 months.

  • Incision outside the mouth have a less swelling effect than an incision inside the mouth. However, this also depends on each individual’s post-surgical treatment.

Duration of “Jaw Surgery”

Approximately 3 hours

Recovery Time at the Clinic

1 night. In the event that the patient wishes to receive a close care from the medical team or nurses, or those who have travelled a long way to receive the service, we also provide a VIP Deluxe room in correspondence with your needs. The room is clean, safe, and has a medical standard.

Post-Surgery Treatment

  • One-night recovery

  • For patients who had underwent the Jaw and V Line surgery, the swelling will gradually reduce, depending on self-care and adequate rest.

  • Eat food with weak and plain tastes.

  • In case of an external incision, the stitches will be removed after 7 days, according to the doctor’s appointment.

Slim and Proportionate Face Structure with a V Shape in Combination with Various Medical Techniques

Other than the V Line surgery, there are various other medical techniques that will cooperatively help correct the face structure to be proportionate, with slim and V-shaped face. These techniques include Cheek Contouring Surgery (Click! For more information) , Chin Augmentation with premium soft silicone (Click! For more information) Some patients who do not have a V-shaped face may be due to the muscles or fats on the face or loose skin, in which the patient must receive consideration from medical specialists in a reliable clinic that has been certified with a medical safety standard, in combination with a high experience of medical specialists.

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